Monday, 2 April 2012

Do what You Love , Love what You Do!

I have no qualms in admitting that i am not exactly fond of what i currently doing . My job does not interest me , even a tiniest bit ! No , that does not mean my colleagues or office is bad , they're really nice people , but just that , this work is so not my cup of tea !

Yet , i stuck to the decision of continuing this job ; because i thought , "Heck , nobody loves their job ! But then thats the whole point ! You are supposed to love your hobby because it makes you feel happy ; but you are supposed to do your job because it fetches you money ! "

But you know my bwoy ; that aint true ! On a recent assignment , i went to audit a famous music store in the suburbs of Mumbai ! And this was my 'favouritestest' assignment to date ! Every person who worked there , did were doing what they loved the most in the world ! The store manager , plays the piano , and boy , he's good ! The Guitarist , so amazing ! And he , handles the guitar section ! And so is the drummer ! The most amazing among these was a part time employee ! He is an architect by profession but music was always his first love ! So he agreed to take up a part time job at this store !

In their free time ; that is when they were not attending to any customer , these guys jam together ! So basically , each day , they wake up to do what they love the most ! It got me thinking ! Maybe everyone should take out a little time of their busy schedule and do what they love the most , everyday ! Like me , i like to write , to express my thoughts , so i took up writing this blog ! I might not be the most amazing writer in this world, but it makes me feel happy ! So this is that one thing that i have promised to do , for myself !

I request you all , to take out half an hour everyday from your busy schedule , and do what you love ! Believe me , there is no feeling like this feeling ! So , lets all make a resolution ! 

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