Sunday, 8 April 2012

State of Affairs

She sat there .
Sad eyes . Check .
Exceptional fear . Check .
Trembling body . Check .

Each time she heard a knock on her door , she yelled for help .

"Mumma , Baba " she yelled .

No one heard her painful cries . You know why ? Because she asked for help to get rid of pain from who made her go through that pain .

Shyamli's parents were not particularly well to do . Her father worked at a construction site in their village  . The builders had been promising returns when the mall was ready , which ofcourse never happened and in exchange , these labourers were paid a meagre income of rupees 50 a day where Shyamli's father had to feed 6 mouths . A question that would arise to your mind :
If he didn't have the affordability then why so many kids?

"Male Child ".

Not that i have ever understood the need and importance of having a male child , its common belief in ancient India (and yet recently also ) , that male child is the heir to the family . And having a female child is like an ill omen .

So back to the Shyamli , her parents (like a lot of parents who are uneducated and are part of  the social 'not having a boy child' stigma) , decided to sell Shyamli.

Yes , however horrid it may sound ! Their poor 9 year old daughter who was sold to a prince from an arab country . While most kids her age were playing and enjoying , Shyamli was giving in to the sexual pleasures of someone , her grandfather's age , only so that her family could receive a little money !

Not that it was all that easy to take her away . Her school teacher , did confront Shyamli in front of the entire village before they took her away , as to whether she wished to say anything with regards to where her parents were sending her . Although she knew , she decided to keep mum , because her father had threatened to beat her up if she opened her mouth . Her mother , who could feel the pain , was too over powered by her dominating husband , too much to help her daughter .

But this my friends , is the sad state of affairs in India today . Rape , polygamy , etc are becoming increasingly common due to fall in the sex ratio in India  , especially in the northern states . Since sex determination has become so common and convenient , female feotecides and infanticides have increased ! Spread awareness , educate women and let try and make this a female dominated society ! Gone should be the days where men ruled ! This might not go down too well with the men !

P.S: This article is very cliche and something everybody knows , but im just doing my bit by spreading a little awareness.
P.S.S: This article is a part of my best friend's Awesome April !

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