Monday, 9 April 2012

So Much , yet nothing !

Don't you think filmstars , celebrities and every other person who has loads of money and who is constantly in the limelight , is so lucky ?!

Even i thought so , until recently .

And I am Sameera . Ayesha's school buddy , short , dusky , average looking . I do a small 9 am to 5 pm job , run around to make ends meet , but look foward to getting home every evening to hug my child and dine with my husband . It gives me immense pleasure to to finish work at office and run home to be greeted by people who care about me . My parents , often drop in to check whether everything is alright and my family is doing well . Brings a smile to my face . 
Also , my best friend often brings home some biryani so we can share dinner and which saves me the effort of cooking after a tiring day at work , since i cannot really afford a cook or maid .

Just last week , i banged into a school friend . Not that i hadn't seen her in long . I had , but she hadn't. Ayesha.

Lets meet Ayesha , 28 years of age , a successful actress and super model , tall , slim , beautiful , rich , successful! ( Yeah , i know you made an image in your head and already muttered to yourself , 'So lucky' !)

It was ages since we actually caught up . She called me over to her place .
At the doorstep of her mansion (yes , it wasn't even a house ) i was astonished , and thought to myself , 'She wears pretty clothes , travels the world , and has so much money and luxury ! Her luck has shone brightly'.

Ofcourse , since it was so long and i had a family now , we had so much to share . Or well , maybe i had so much to share . Because after hearing me talk so much , Ayesha was overwhelmed . When it was her part to finally narrate her life over the years , she had nothing much to say . She finally uttered that her life was artificial , very pleasing to the eye . And to show to the world , she had luxury , comfort an money , but when she got home , she had no one to ask her whether she had eaten her meals , nor was there anyone to share them with her .

To the outside world it seemed that , Ayesha had so many fans and so many people who would care for her , but no one saw how artificial that was ! Ayesha was a loner at heart and in one of the most crowded cities of the world , Delhi , she felt she was all alone.

At that moment , i cant express how i felt . Maybe i just felt blessed . We lived extremely contradicting lives , she had so much , yet nothing ! While i had nothing , Yet i had so much !

P.S: Any resemblance to any character living or dead is purely co incidental.
P.S.S: This is yet again a part of Awesome April !

"Enjoy the small things in life , the big ones , are usually artificial" - Pamela Aderson 

                                                     Love ,

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