Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Change is inevitable

Change. Everything changes . All the time . Imagine , you nails and hair also grow every second . Every second .
Infact, a friend posted once , "The only constant in my life in 20 years is Apsara eraser" !

Sometimes this change is going to crush you . Its going to make you feel that everything is lost . But remember , afetr every dark night is a bright morning . The bright morning has to come . Earlier or Later . And , when it comes depends on how you decide to treat the change.

You , have to hope its going to do you more good , than bad . You , have to believe , that all the struggle through the change , adapting to the situation and the new people around you , the effort , is all going to be worth it one day .

And then you are going to look behind at the day when the change happened , and when you cried for old times sake ; and you are going to laugh at yourself . Because , at that time , its all going to be fine .All the drama , all the effort , its all going to be worth it .

So , believe , that the inevitable change is going to do you great . Its all going to make sense one day !


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