Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer the Ketki Way!

So this summer , Lakme's sunshine girl Kyra has chosen me to spend her time with ! And what better than a girl's day out to the beach ?!

So we , are going to land up at a beautiful goan beach , and guess what !
Kyra asks me for my summer daily routine ! Well , obviously i am taken aback , because the sunshine girl herself wants tips from  me !

Anyway , i give her these tips and she totally agrees ! This is what she does as her routine too !

So i thought i should be sgaring this with all my blogger friends too !

Besides the usual tips like :
1.Drinks lots of water
2.Eats Fruits having good water content
3.Wear lose clothes
4.Apply a sunblock
5.Always wear something to protect your head and eyes;

Kyra and I have the common belief that ,
This summer , wear your style , be comfortable  , be yourself , and you will be the perfect sunshine girl , the one whose advice everyone would want !

At the beach ,in our colourful flipflops , lose ,printed  & pretty  tops , Cute little accessories ,we had an amazing time because we could do it all , jump in the salty warm waters beneath the shiny sun , play beach games on the white sand-we all love beach volleyball , right ? , get a tan and laze around! All this only because our mantra was , 'Be yourself , Be comfortable ' !

So girls , just go there and have some beach fun !

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