Tuesday, 29 May 2012

IPL – The Feel Good Phenomena

-The story of how a bumbayi-ite loves IPL


*Wake up . Brush . Bathe . Have your breakfast . Read Bombay Times . Look in the mirror for 10 exact seconds (obviously not more , you are going to miss your train then ) . Stuff your dubba and bottle into the bag . Run to work (because if you are late , assignment nai milega ,toh boss respect nai karega ; boss respect nai karega toh promotion nai milega ; promotion nai milega toh paisa nai milega ; paisa nai milega toh life kaise jiyenge , how will you fulfil your needs ?) .

Work . Work. Work . Have lunch . Work . Work. Work . Eat vada pav below office . Run and catch the train . Reach Home. Have dinner . Watch TV . Use the internet , keep some movies for downloading (woh toh bas aise hi download karte hai , dekhne ka time kisko hai ? But ,but, it feels nice to say ‘’I have a 100 movies downloaded and kept at home ‘’ , nai? ) And then sleep .sleep. sleep.

Wake up...

Are you wondering how i know about your daily routine ? Did you think i was following you ? Obviously not ! Looks like ,you too ,are from Bumbai ,my friend .*

So all the Bumbayi-ites , chalo , lets go back in time ...

Cricket you know , is as much a religion in India , as any other religion is .
So , the Board of Cricket and Control in India decided to merge cricket and entertainment , and launched a  professional television cricket league ; IPL-Indian Premier League .
Ofcourse , it created a roar of excitement amongst people world – wide . Bumbiyas were happy too , weren’t you ?

Well , you were , and why not ! It is something totally out of your daily boring and monotonous schedule , almost free to watch (since it was shown on a Set Max , which your cable provider provides you with , at no extra cost ) and above all so entertaining  and enthralling !

Back to 2012

Over the years , IPL kept growing . Five years down the line and we have reached a point where IPL tickets can cost anything from Rs. 650 to Rs.5000 , or much more ,since , the black market for these tickets is fast growing . But lots of us Bumbayi-ites are ready to spend that colour of money , on one single evening – expensive tickets , on buying the jersey of the team your support , on gathering your friends and tattooing yourself , on accessories , and merchandise of that team , and most importantly , ont he food and drinks to celebrate the success of the team .Because for them , an IPL evening is like breaking free from the daily routine , from the same old work , from the herd class sweaty trains and traffic . Its as good as a tequila shot ,when you have it , it brings a weird happiness , like the one from hallucination ; a joy beyond expression ,a feeling that this ,is my life ,an utmost desire to remain there forever , in the same feel , but when you sleep it off , its all gone ;like it never happened .
Isn’t the Bumbayia life like that ? We work endlessly each day , and behave as if yesterday did not even happen!

And so ,there are lots of big brands out there in the market , loads of entrepreneurs , cricketers , who are ready to invest in IPL , in terms of money , effort  , skill or talent . Because , hell , its got whopoping return on investments.

Its like this : Even though the team you own or are a part of , ranks last in the season , you would be making profits , because big companies are yet going to sponsor your team , yet going to give you advertisements , people are still going to buy your team merchandise and more than anything else , people are still going to come and watch your match in the stadium  . Basically , IPL is soon going to become the Indian Religion .

And , all this , despite the fact , that cricketers and team owners ; have , in the past , been found fixing matches , bribing officials , bookies have been found paying players to suit their business needs , team owners have openly declared that IPL is nothing more than mere business for them , the sport and its rules are being over looks , tickets are overtly expensive , vendors , restaurants are over pricing on the criterion of match screening , youngsters are getting more into the habit of betting , politicians have found a way to make money , and ; security measures have been diverted to IPL , and important matters are being overlooked .

The question is ,does this concern us ? Or should IPL be taken in the spirit of pure business ?But if that is done , isn’t it unfair ?6 To the sport ,to the people who spend their hard earned money on it , to the very talented cricketers ?Would such commercialism lead to the world losing its innocence ,the fact that even a game is not taken in a sportsman spirit and bribing is over powering our thoughts ?

But we,at Bumbayi ,don’t care, or rather , do not have the time to care . Because here , as someone rightly said , Life is a race , and if you don’t run fast , you’ll be like a broken egg !
IPL was , is and will continue to be amongst the most entertaining event of the year , no matter what !

Think about it .

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