Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hi There !

Lets do this test , 9 out of 10 blogs you read would start with , "Umm , i dont know what im going to write on this blog " ! Well , the point here is , neither do I ! But i guess i shall figure that sometime while writing this blog !

So , Hi There !

Lets start with a little about me !
Hello , me myself PinkPebbles . The thought of writing this blog came to mind because i wanted to express what i feel , about life , about things happening in this world , about things happening in my world etc.
Not that i write very well , but ki farak penda !
To be very honest im in the 'wrongest' field ! I like to yap , like really yap ; "jabber jabber jabber" ! So ideally i should be somewhere where I can talk all the time , use the constituitional "Right to freedom of speech and expression" as if it were made for me ! But instead i do a 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. internship ! "Hayy , meri zindagi "
Oh and there are these one million , billion thing i really want to do ! Like learn photography , get a professional photo shoot done , become a fashionista , a journalist , a rich business woman , a traveller !
So much to do , so little time ! Will keep posting about this on my blog !

Too much melodrama (Jo meri life mein bahaut hota hai waise) for now !

Keep reading ! Hope to get back with something fun !

Audios until then amis!