Saturday, 2 June 2012

Pyaare Government !

02 June 2012
Dear Mr. Indian Government,

Hello Mr. Government. Greetings . Hope you are doing brilliantly well this warm and sunny afternoon.The sultry weather could be taking a toll and could give you a massive headache , and then hearing all these people of yours cribbing all the time about how the rupee is devaluing, how the budget is adversely affecting them , how service tax has increased by leaps and bounds , how income is not increasing and all.

Now all this , i agree . But when these citizens crib about how the petrol prices are rising way too much for an average Indian to accept , i do not agree ! You , are such a gem of person ,the efforts you make to help your citizens ! And these citizens just cribbing away without giving it a thought ! But , here , today , i wish to thank you , for having increased the petrol prices. This , truly has been a landmark moment in the history of Indian Government . Because , the Indian citizens have failed to decipher your true interest in this price rise . Today , i want to take this opportunity to explain to my fellow citizens , your true intentions .

Back in the 1970's and 1980's , when owning a car was unaffordable an was considered to be a status symbol of the rich , most people stuck to using trains and local buses as their mode of transportation , and most of these most people , walked  to their destination .Not only did they save monetarily , but also kept well in health.Then slowly , in the 1990's ,  after 1991 when India faced globalization, more competitors from round the world , came into picture and as it works , supply exceeded demand , cost dropped , and having your own vehicle became affordable . Simultaneously , due to your New Industrial Policy benefited us , citizens vastly and  standard of living became better by the day .We started depending on our personal vehicles so much , that we have forgotten that walking  to our destination , is an exercise , way better than going to the gyms and exercise clubs. Also , we have lost our patience , waiting even for a few minutes for public transport , angers us no end .
So government uncle , thank you . Because now the cost of gas has risen so much , that citizens would be compelled to use public transport or to walk or to buy a bicycle .

The good old days are going to be back . We are going to be patient again , mentally relaxed ,  and improve our health , the healthy way . So we , should be having no reason to crib . I , on behalf of all the Indian Citizens , thank you for this , and also apologise for all the cribbing and for the revenue loss caused due to the 'Bharat Bandh' in protest .

With Respect ,
Just another Indian Citizen.