Thursday, 30 August 2012

Love . Live . Life

Shimmering bright lights -red , blue, green , yellow; garlands of flowers -the pretty red roses , fresh Lillis , blue orchids and of course , the Indian Favourite , soothing to the eye,genda ka phool ; the decked up interiors, the studded lehengas , the clutter of merry kids running around , the red nail polished manicured hands , the fragrance of the dark brown mehendi , the thumping of  drums  , the magical sound of the shehnai , the over the top decorations , the well dressed relatives , the red velvet entrance .

It was this picture perfect view , Simran had always wanted for a wedding . It was the dream day of her life , kyunki bachhpan se hi usse shaadi karneka bada shock tha by god .

Just as she waited in her room for Raj and his family to enter the mandap where her mother was waiting to pull the groom's nose , her cousin Geet mentioned ''Finally , the day has arrived when you will marry the man you chose , the love of your life , Raj .''

As she said this , Simran became teary eyed, she went into a daze ...

*** Meet Simran , the cute , chirpy , sabki favourite , dancer by day , dreamer by night girl . It almost seemed  like ever since she was a child , her ultimate aim in life was to get married to who she loved , not to somebody her parents thought would be ideal for her , because her perception about Arranged marriage was that she would be treated as a cook for the rest of her life . Although her parents came from an educated backgroud , had had an arranged marriage despite which her mother was a successful college principal , Simran's views always differed .

      Meet Raj , the handsome , dark , tall  boy . Absolutely Mills & Boons. The minute she had seen him , she had fallen in love with him . Her parents thought very highly of him and approved of her choice . Simran was overwhelmed about the fact that her parents approved with her view on her having a love marriage , even thought they had their apprehensions.

     Are you thinking , phir aakhir problem kya hai ?

    Well , what if in a very unusual situation , a girl's parents approve of her choice of having a love marriage but the boy himself opposes this view ? Yes , Raj was a believer in Arranged marriages . His parents had had a love marriage and were more than happy in their lives ! But Raj believed that it was a mark of respect to his parents to get married to a girl of their choice .

   You may call him stupid , but this very quality of his made Simran fall for him . She knew that all she had to do was convince his parents that she was an ideal life partner for him. She did all she had to , until his parents were satisfied . During this course , Raj also realised , how important it was to know somebody with whom he was going to spend the rest of his life , after all he had seen his best friend's arranged marriage fall apart . He started to acknowledge Simran's efforts to convince his parents , began spending time with her and helped her win everybody's heart .  He instantly felt the comfort with her , he could sits hours next to her without speaking a word , and this was truly magical , for Raj thought , talking to somebody for hours , to easy , but sitting next to somebody for hours without talking , without any awkwardness creeping in , indeed makes that person special .                       ***

... Chalo Simran , the boy's side has come .''

   So all went well , and here we are ! Its Raj and Simran's wedding today . There has been no drama , no fight , no convincing . It has all been smooth . Neither has love marriage conquered arranged marriage nor has arranged marriage conquered love marriage . Nobody's feelings have been hurt and yet every person , bride , groom and their families are happy.

Marriages are made in heaven , love or arranged is just a means to get to the final destination , so how does it matter ? Love ya arranged , marriage is amongst the most beautiful relation man kind will ever see .

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