Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My black beauty , my bike

 So I really really wanted a scooter because i always imagined how i would almost fly on it , how the wind would brush past my face , how i would over take expensive luxury cars because my little kiddo whouldn'y require so much space ! And yes !  my dad got me a black scooter  ! 

 Riding it to work and back home from work is usually the most awesome part of my day . But the Mumbai rains scared me and I stopped taking the bike to work and ended up travelling by the local BEST bus to work where a zillion sweaty , tired and annoyed people crib , jostle , push and get their way into and out of the bus to get home or to work each day of their life . It just made me unhappy. Until yesterday! So I decided , since the Mumbai rains are just ditching me and never happening (not that I love them, ewww rains ! ) , to take my bike ( yeah , I don't like to call it scooty) to work ! That is when , for the first time in 6 months of having the bike ,  I realised HOW much I really love riding it and how much happiness I get in those 20 minutes of getting to work ! 

Just wanted to share , the happiest part of my day ! 

(Will post a better picture soon )

P.S: Today while my bike was parked in the building compound , a car slammed into it and hurt it badly . Let's hope it gets well soon . 
P.S.S : This post is by an immature kid in me , sharing her happiness like she got a candy !

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