Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Untold Answer .

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She sat there with her daughter ,being disturbed by his loud snores. They were softly chattering about the day's happenings. It was well past midnight . It was no unusual day . Alice was a busy career oriented woman  and always multi tasked , juggling between her personal and professional life . She had no option . The thought of quitting her flourishing business to stay with her daughter often crossed her mind . But she forced herself to think otherwise . This often left Sara , her daughter , confused . After all Sara was only 13 , well almost . Her birthday was a week away and like it always happened , her mother would yet again not be with her on this day .

It was a big day for Sara . She was going to enter her teens . Being the youngest among her classmates , she had seen fancy parties and dreamt of a similar party for herself . She would , undoubtedly get  party of her choice . Her mother was a rich business woman and money was never an issue . But it pinched her that like her friends , she wouldn't have a nice family portrait clicked on her birthday . She stared at her father , his snores angered her little self . She barely liked him . He never made any effort to get close to her either . She looked into her mother's eyes . She wanted to ask that question , but she was afraid , it would be rejected again.

She said to Alice " Mom , would i get what i ask for this birthday , as my gift ?"

Alice said " Ofcouse sweetheart , you will always get what you ask for . "

"Mom ,  Why do i have no grand parents like my other friends have ? Are they dead ?"

"Sara," said an agitated Alice ,"Have told you to not say this ? Why will you not obey your mother ?"

"If they are not dead , where are they ?"

Reality dawned upon Alice . She realised that her daughter was growing up . And as she matured and started understanding situations , more questions would bother her ,and she was bound to ask for answers . It was time , Sara had to be told the truth .

"Sara , listen to me carefully . I am going to tell you An Untold Story , that part about my life that you have never known , nor has anybody in this town . For them , i am a victim to the earthquake and have lost my family and belongings there .  I met your father when i came to this beautiful city of Illeana when i was only 20 years old . I had nobody by my side and he became my closest companion and biggest confidant. We soon fell in love and got married , only for me to realise that he is a gambler and has lost all his belongings . I fell out of love , but i had no where to go to , nobody to turn to . This town was now my everything ."

"But mom , you should have gone to grand pa , since you say he is not dead..."

" Do not interrupt Sara .
   I am no victim to any earthquake .  I was infact the Princess of  Goana ."

Sara's jaw dropped . But she refrained from commenting , remembering her mother's earlier agitation.

"I was a pretty young girl , engaged to a handsome prince ,Steve from Sanparse . He was young and handsome . I fell in love the minute i saw him . Or maybe that was infatuation. We were instantly engaged . I felt a little glitch from my father . He loved me thoroughly and i failed to infer why he felt unhappy when such an important event of my life was going to take place . I chose to ignore , thinking to myself ,'Ignorance is Bliss'. Probably this was the biggest mistake of my life .

Two months later , in a grand function , we got married . Ours was a small , but strategically situated country. It was war time . Goana's border was the ideal place to initiate a war , but my father was an efficient king . He ensured no outsider was allowed to enter .

Thousands of guests from the neighbouring country came to visit our country for my wedding . Little did we know , these included Steve's guests , who infact wanted to use this day as an opportunity to use the the country's border to launch their first missile and initiate a war . The unimaginable happened .

The wedding hall was suddenly captivated  , the guests became hostages . I looked at Steve , he was involved . I turned to my teary eyed father . A streak of guilt ran through my body . I realised that somewhere down the line , my parents were aware of the fact that something was wrong .

All of us were thrown into a dungeon like dingy room . We were kept there for months together , with minuscule amounts of food and water , barely enough to survive . Everyday , some people were taken to the palace to do odd jobs like sweeping the floors or changing the curtains . One such day , my parents got chosen . I refused to let them go , I offered to go instead , but they did not care . An unusual thing happened that day . The guard erroneously left the door to the dungeon open . While the guards were away , the others decided to take this opportunity to flee from this dungeon. I was in two minds . How could i possibly leave my parents at the mercy of such ruthless people , but i thought i could come back to help them once i was away .

That is how i came to this town . This is my past . Every week , i travel to Goana , dressed like an army man , to meet my parents . The guard , who left the door open that day , did it on purpose . He could not bear to see so many people suffer . Unfortunately , he was beheaded for being careless . The other guard , is also a nice man but is scared for his sake and will not let the prisoners leave . But nonetheless ever since i went there for the first time and requested him to  allow me to see my parents once a  week , he obliges."

She stopped . She sobbed uncontrollably . Sara felt awful . Tears ran down here eyes . She hugged her mother .

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  1. Ooh.. Princess story... I like it.. Even my story had a character named Saara who is the daughter of Simran(the main character of my story)... :)

    1. Yea Ayushi , read your post :) Really nice !

  2. I felt like I read half a chapter out of a dozen chapters fairy tale book. I liked how you constructed the fairy tale but then it could have been just that, why did Sara's birthday party and father's snoring (BTW who was he and why did he not love his daughter enough) and does the mother attend the party? I would have loved to read the entire story! Best wishes for BAT! Nicely done, looking forward to more parts of this one!

    1. Yes Deepa . Will have a conclusion to it soon :)

      Thank you and wish you luck too :)

  3. Beautiful story :-) sweet and simple. ATB

  4. I can't put my finger on it, but I really like the tale. Mayhaps, 'coz I didn't xpect it to go along as it did...

  5. This is such a beautiful story.
    Would seriously want to know how it ends :)

    +Not Just My Allegories+

    1. Thank you Anisha ! You write beautifully !
      Will definitely write the continuation soon :)

  6. If all your stories are as pretty and beutiful as this, here u got a regular follower.
    ALl the best

    1. Oh ! That is flattering ! Thank you so much :)

  7. Good one. InItially it seemed like a modern day tale and suddenly it jumped to a fairy tale :) good luck for BAT .

  8. I haven't been a fairy tale person to be really honest :P
    Your story is a simple and sweet read.. All the best for BAT :) ..

    1. haha ! Well , if you aint , and you still read this , I am glad :)
      Thank you so much!

  9. Beautiful!!!!, there was cuteness everywhere :)

  10. Well narrated story with a mix of modern and old.

  11. I loved the way you narrated the story. Hmm, I also liked the plot. :) Good luck to you..

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