Monday, 17 December 2012

Things I can't figure..

1. Why , oh why would we call address alternate person we met as  "Sir" ? I thought , its a term reserved for a person you respect . But unfortunately , more often than not  , we say it out of obligation. Or so i think?

2. If things dont happen like the do in movies or books or television, how did they think of putting them in movies or books or television?

3.When you sense somebody not driving well ( According to your judgement that is , whatever standard that might be) , why do you say ''Must be Woman driving !''
  Oh dam , i forgot men were born with perfect driving skills .

4.Somebody famous once said ,"What goes around , comes around". Hello , Mr. Famous ! You forgot to mention goes around what to come back around it ?

5.Why is it necessary to eat absolutely horrible food to remain healthy? Why cant cheese make you glow ? Or lets put it this way ' Why is it that all bland , boring and sad food is healthy ?

6.Why do we have to say '' Let your hair down'' at parties? What if my face is way prettier than my hair?
  (P.S. : Please consider people who have curly hai , no ?)

7.And our favourite , ''Blood is thicker than water'' . Tumko kaise pata ?

8.WHy brownie points for excellence? I lke cupcakes more . Tsk.

9.'' Am i talking greek and latin?''.
No . LOL. You dont know either.

You are not supposed to judge me because i put this up. Not allowed.

P.S: The author's view are personal and not intended to offend any person , whosoever. However , if this offends you , too bad. :P

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