Saturday, 22 December 2012

Random rumbles to get rid of men's evening stubbles

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So our very own , my personal favourite Blogadda organised this Amazing amazing evening for women to relax and think to the fullest , what they can do so that men crave and agree to get rid of that awful evening stubble , which they think makes them look sexy . ( Ew.) Now , you know how men are , so adamant . But these are the few things , that "could" make men crave , so much , that they would do make the impossible , possible ! :P

These are my ideas :

1. Sports wala Khel :
Every man has this one favorite sport , that he really really loves , more than he loves women also . In India , its mostly football or cricket . And ofcourse , we women , hate discussing about who scored what and which country lost to whom or which tournament is next and which cricketer is the best . But , if you really want him to get rid of that horrid stubble for an important evening party , promise to watch the tournament with him or discuss his favorite sport with him , with interest .
And , he's sold .

2. Chup wala quiet :
Its a well known fact that women love talking ( in my view , its expression of feelings and creativity , but men , think its annoying ) and men want to just not care . If they ever open their mouth , its either to discuss sports or ugh , discuss sports . So if you want to make your girlfriends jealous at the evening party ,by flaunting your guy minus his horrifying stubble , you will have to promise him that you will not talk . And only listen . I know , I know that's difficult. But try toh karo.

3.Despo Wala Cheap:
Men love massages. Anything without the talking would be absolutely delightful .So massages. And what better place than Sukho Thai ! Like today , we women got this opportunity of a foot massage , men there are absolutely craving for it .Tell him , this is his opportunity ! All he has to do to get a massage , is shave off his evening stubble. 
He'd grab this one ;)

4.Mummy Wala Darr:
Admit it , he is never going to be as scared of you , as he is of his mother. At any age , the terror of a complaint to his mother , is going to bring him shivers . So go blackmail him , tell him you are going to tell his mother all that she doesn't have to know . He will have an absolute clean shave , no evening stubble . (For that matter no morning , afternoon or night stubble as well , if there is any ever :P) . 
P.S: This is the quickest and best way . It will never go wrong . Be mean girls ;)

All these thoughts came to my mind only because I was so relaxed after the Sukho Thai Massage ;) Do visit the nearest Sukho Thai Centre and relieve your stress :) 

Cheers !


  1. HAHA.. CREATIVE WALA IDEAS. Stubble is bearable to some extent, sometimes it is so cheapish, hides the cute face on them.
    Have fun at the spa :)

  2. 2nd one won't work much. Bore hojayenge hum silence se -.-"

  3. Thank you Madrasi :D il win na?:P
    Maulik , sorry haan , i thought it would :(