Monday, 4 February 2013

Of Procrastination & Other Things...

This blog was started to because i had that urge to express what i really felt.

But , that did not reflect at all. Maybe because i was occupied in too many places , doing too many things.( Not complaining , I am glad!)

So i realised that my blog needed a little makeover ! I had been procrastinating this for a while now before i realised its high time this happens ! And what better way to start than make this a place where i present everything that i truely love and what truely defines me !

I love pictures. They have the extra ordinary power to express what words can never express. They give an opportunity to the viewer to define his interpretation so uniquely !

So here is my header ! Its a beautiful collection of everything that defines me , that instills a sense of happiness ! Here is my interpretation of each of those pictures , in random order :

1.Books : Believe me , i love studying. Even if that makes me a nerd , i love studying. The smell of a text book is so refreshing and i do get enthralled by books .
2.Rings : I have an obsession with rings. That is the one thing i would keep buying if i ever manage to have resources enough to !
3. Shoes : I have a shoe fetish . I never have enough shoes. Also , when i walk past a shoe shop , its almost like the shoes are calling me , "Come , buy us ! Come on , You need us !" .
4.Baking : Its like the newly discovered love of my life . I just do not seem to get enough of it . I keep baking the same thing over and over again in the hope that sometime , it will be Perfect !
5.Bakery : Thats my dream. I aspire to own a bakery that serves what its menu says. So when i say "White Chocolate Mocha " , it must have white chocolate and mocha . Unlike over priced coffee shops looting in the name of fancy coffee (Hmpf).
6.Nails : I have become that typical girl who loves showing off her pretty perfect manicured nails. Okay well , sometimes , not always. But then yes , happiness.
7.Dance : Dancing is serenity. Dancing is beauty . Dancing is expression. Dancing is everything.
8.Paris: The ultimate dream of my life. To be at the Eiffel Tower , with some wine and worthwhile company . Maybe thats my retirement plan !
9.Scooter : Because the way the wind brushes past my face while I ride on an empty road , is the definition of Ecstasy .
10. Photographs : They define glee , merriment  They are exuberant and bursting with expression. (I really want somebody to click angelic pictures of mine- portfolio type ke , koi sunn raha hai?)
11. Weddings : Pompous surroundings , flowers falling , magic spreading,happy ending .  I definitely want to get married.
12.Love : Cannot be defined .
13. iPhone : Sapna hai mera.
14. Dream it , Wish it , Do it : Last but not the least , I never want to face the day when I let somebody tell me that i cannot do something. Also , Unless People laugh at your dreams , your dreams aren't big enough . So lets keep dreaming , because " You may say I'm a dreamer , but I'm not the only one"!

Bass , ho gaya !

A special thank you to my friend Sneha , who made this header with my pictures ! Loads of love :D

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